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“Tami Green is an inspiration to us all.”
— Dr. John Oldham, Former President, American Psychiatric Association

You are a brilliant human being just waiting to be set free.

I can show you the meaning of painful experiences and help you unleash your true power and purpose in life.

My journey led me through broken relationships, suicide attempts, mental illness, and financial destitution. But deep down I knew I was powerful—had a more significant calling, a broader vision. I know that about you, too. It’s time for you to shine, my friend!


Tami Green

I have worked with and been endorsed by:

  • A-list actors and Hollywood producers

  • World renowned artists and musicians

  • Business leaders

  • New York Times best-selling authors

  • Globally recognized psychiatrists and psychologists

  • Top researchers from Ivy League institutions such as Harvard University

My work helps those confronting enormous problems realize their potential and become the biggest, brightest human beings one could ever imagine.

Tami Green has appeared in and been endorsed by these experts and media outlets.
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Live Coaching with Tami Green

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Want more from life?

“Denying who you are will never, ever go away. You will only grow more influential until one day, the You that has outgrown your body and your family and your own beliefs will break free and destroy and create things. You are a brilliant human being just waiting to be set free. Now is the time. Welcome to your future.”
— Tami Green