5 Steps to Get Unstuck and Make Your Life Happen

5 Steps to Get Unstuck and Make Your Life Happen.png

Through my years coaching others (and honestly, myself) I've developed a fun and straightforward process to clear away the malaise and frustration of feeling stuck. I'm going to help you find your internal compass again and lead you back to your bliss.

I understand. Feeling stuck is one of the worse places to be. It's like living in a box with no way out. Our souls are crying out for more, but we just can't see how. 

Perhaps you want to lose weight or find a better relationship or a better job, but don't know how to get there. Or maybe you're not clear, you just feel unsatisfied and can't see what you want. 

Whatever has happened that brought you to this place, the process to break free and make a plan is here.

  1. Envision your best life ever five years from now. It's essential not to place any "shoulds," "cant's," or judgments on your daydream. Now close your eyes and envision five years from now, and write it down. What clothes are you wearing? Are you at work or at home? Who is around you? What are you doing?

  2. If you are drawing a blank, ask yourself, " What is it that I love to do?" If you like to go to the aquarium and look at fish, for example, search your soul for what you love about it. Just go towards what you love and ignore any limitations.

  3. Give yourself permission to follow your heart. The biggest thing that keeps us stuck is ignoring what our instincts are telling us. We usually do this because we are someone else, is telling us it can't be done. I promise you, it can be done. Follow your heart.

  4. With your goal in mind, line out the steps to get there. I know this can cause angst but make it fun. You can't get it wrong, just put ideas out there. You can do this with post-it notes or Trello. I like to get a whiteboard or a notebook and write it all out.

  5. Give yourself permission to not know all the steps to get there. Of course, you want to take action, you just don't know how the heck to make it happen. Start by taking the first action that inspires you. Just taking the step will open up to so many ideas!

This is the creative process to get us unstuck. Eventually, as your fuzzy dream starts taking hold in your heart, you will break up the steps into even smaller pieces and put them in a time management system like Todoist. But don't rush the process. The dreaming-it-up part is where the magic happens.

And as you start to implement, you may feel you have more than you can do. This is the time to enlist some help. My #1 favorite help is to find an app that will do the task more comfortable for me. Don't be shy; this is the time to enlist every resource you have available. 

Can't find a resource to make your dream happen? Give it a little time. Do you realize how fast technology is moving? New businesses and services are being created every minute. Just keep asking and researching--you will find what you need.

Lastly, there will be tasks that you just don't want to do. This reverse psychology mind-bend will remove your anxiety to over-perform and motivate you to move forward. It goes like this: take a task that needs to be accomplished, and then only do 5% of it that day. Rather than feeling stuck again in implementing, this little trick will help you feel accomplished and motivated. And that is when you will see progress!

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