How to Lose 54,876 Pounds Starting Tomorrow

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Losing weight is way more about getting into the right mind-set than taking the action to do it. First, you get motivated, then you take the action. You’ll likely agree with this if, like most of us, you’ve tried many times to lose weight and failed.

So what do we do?


We change our entire way of thinking about all of it. I’ll show you how.

First I’ll start with a little story about trying to lose the baby weight after I had my twins. Here is a picture of me with those stubborn last 25 pounds that would not come off.

I finally did two things to lose the weight:

  • I stopped worrying about it.

  • And I stopped exercising.

Sounds counterintuitive, I know. But here’s the deal:.

When you are worried, your stress hormones increase, which equals putting on more weight. And when you are exhausted because you are working too hard and not sleeping, the last thing you need to do is tax your body more.

So I stopped exercising and started napping, increased my pleasant activities, and changed my self-talk. And I watched how guys treat themselves versus how women treat themselves and created this infographic that you may find amusing.


How to Look Amazing When You Feel Fat:
(Lessons Learned From the Guys)

  1. Wear clothes that fit.

  2. Kiss yourself in the mirror and give yourself a thumbs up.

  3. Wear amazing jewelry and sexy shades.

  4. Focus on your accomplishments.

  5. Stand up tall and suck in your stomach.

  6. Take a shower, shave and fix your hair, you lovely thing!

  7. Turn on the music!

  8. Constantly rank the attractiveness of guys you pass.

Do everything you can to feel as good about yourself as possible. Go get some drinks with a friend, buy yourself some new clothes, get a haircut. Whatever makes you feel amazing right now. Don’t wait another day. Today’s the day.

Another big tip is to read/listen to/hang out with everything and everyone who makes you feel inspired that you can be your best self. Do it. Do it hard. Lots of it.

And for goodness sake, stay away from the mirror, friends, and family, clothes, furniture, anything that makes you feel bad about anything.

From there the answers will come to you on the best way for you to be whatever weight you want to be.