Laugh It Off, My Friend

Laugh it off my friend.png

Once I dated a handsome Irishman. (We are still very good friends.)

One of the most beautiful things he taught me was self-deprecating humor. The Irish excel at this, and it makes them so much fun to be around. 🙃

Being able to make fun of yourself takes the load off our need to be perfect.

Recently I had a video shoot and I didn't know what the heck I was doing. It could have been four hours of torture.


Mainly because when someone told me to do something and I screwed up, we laughed about it.

Learning to see the humor in other situations is also really helpful.

When you decide to be big, some people will push-back because they feel threatened.  They will leave negative comments, tell you they don't want to be around you anymore, pitch a fit that rivals any two-year-old tantrum.

Have you ever received push-back on a new idea? How have you learned to laugh things off? 👇👇👇 Comment below.

Stay the course. Be big anyway. And learn to laugh it off. #hustlelove ya'll