How to Be Smarter Than Everyone Else

How to be smarter than anyone else.png

My brain is very big.

It processes information quickly, manages stress extremely well, and creates answers that no one else can see.  But that wasn't always the case.

Once upon a time I had a brain that barely functioned. I was depressed, my thoughts were scattered and ineffective.

👉 When my brain ceased to function, it made me determined with all that was in me to change it.


🙅 I opened up my arms and became willing. I opened myself up to the possibility of learning from benevolent, infinite intelligence.

✏️ Next I became aware of each thought I was thinking and wrote down every single one down.

💡 Then I challenged every thought. "Did that thought make me feel better or worse?" I found a better and better feeling thought for each one.

⭐️  I meditated--emptied my mind and allowed myself to connect with The Truth. I did this, and other practices, for years and years.

Now my brain is bigger, and those changes are sustained. But the effects were immediate. My life changed instantly.

Your brain needs as much love as your body. It needs exercise, good food and sometimes medicine. A sick brain needs a lot of love ❤️. And a healthy brain still requires care and feeding. What are you doing for your brain today?