Tami's Top Tips for Time Management


What is it you wish to accomplish?

Not what everyone else is demanding that you do, what you want to do?

A lot of life feels like it's being forced on us or imposed on us by other people: our children, our partner or ex-partner, your boss, your parents, your friends.

I'm going to teach you today how to disconnect from all the chaos, to focus clearly and remain mostly calm. I want you to see the big picture, and then stay on task to get what you want and enjoy yourself again.

I want you to have fun and enjoy your life!

I teach two different things. I teach how to train your brain to be most effective, which affects your emotions and your actions, and then I teach all the skills you need to get what you want in life.

Let’s start with the first piece which is how to train your brain so you can calm down and get everything clear for the most effective actions. Your thoughts affect your actions, period. So we're going to start with getting your thinking right first so you'll have effective actions, and then I'm going to drill down into the specific skills that you need to get more done in less time.

Now what happens when everything feels urgent and feels like it's piling up on you? What does that feel like? You know the feeling when you feel overwhelmed? Just overwhelmed with tasks.

I remember before I learned how to control my thoughts and my emotions, I often felt this way. I still do at times because I'm a human being, but now I have the tools to help me feel better. If things went wrong before, like God forbid, technical problems, they would just throw me totally off track. I'd feel agitated, I'd feel anxious, and then the more I felt this way, the less I could actually accomplish things.

So first let’s sort out your emotions and your thoughts. Then you can plan, focus, see the larger picture, break it down into doable chunks.

I want you to remember this—everything is fixable. They really are and I want to try to convince you of that today a little bit when when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Everything is fixable.

I'm going to say something to you that you may not believe, but time really is an illusion. We feel so urgent because we feel like we have to have everything done now and I want you to know that urgency is only one thing—it's a feeling.

It's a feeling that indicates that you're not connected to truth or the easy path or the right path. In all my teaching, I use the word Truth, Source. God, the Universe, Higher Power, God Higher Knowledge. It all means the same thing.

What it is is we're trying to get to the place in our heads (and meditation helps us with this) where we can see the big picture, the true picture, what's really going on. Truth shows us how to get to the unfolding of our wishes and goals.

When you're feeling anxious, it's hard to see the Truth and to connect to God and to greater wisdom and especially to remember your own dreams and your aspirations. So if you're feeling anxious or urgent, your efforts during this time are going to feel forced and ineffective and not very fun.

I'm not anti-action. I'm very pro-action. Action can feel amazing. But in order to be the most effective with your time and get more done in less time, you have to disconnect from the feeling of urgency until you feel more peaceful.

This is what I talk about when I talk about getting into the state of inspiration before any action in my book, Control the Future: Thought Technology for Influencers. It's about calming everything down and it's getting into the Truth right now.

Now remember what is it that you wish to accomplish.

A lot of the time we feel like what we want isn't getting accomplished. It's about what other people want. It can be, like I said: your children, your partner, ex-partner, boss, your parent or friend. We're always going to have those demands placed on us by others.

So here's your mantra about your time management. Okay? I want you to remember this. It's one, two, three, four words. Here are the words:

“It's all about me.”

It's all about you. That's the first thing I want you to remember. It's all about you. You have to take care of yourself first, so that’s going to be a grounding or your centering right now when you think about managing your time. It's all about you and others’ agendas can be your agenda only to the point where you wish it to be. You get to control that.

Sometimes all we can see is what others are asking from from us. Right? So let's talk about how we can solve this. You may feel that they're forcing you to do something you don't want to do often or maybe you’ve felt this way all your life. Maybe you feel split like you want to do things for your kids, but you feel overwhelmed with it.

If you're a giving type personality, you may feel really split on this much of the time. So how do you disconnect from the confusion and stress and get in a place of clarity? Because remember, if you can get in this place of clarity, then your actions are going to be so effective.

Here are some tips for you.

  • I promise you, nothing is as urgent as it seems unless a tiger is chasing you. If a tiger is chasing you about to kill you, that's pretty urgent. But what happens is we go into this fight or flight all the time and that's the stress that makes us sick. We think everything's urgent and it overloads our system. Part of understanding this comes when you do the work on knowing there is a benevolence working on your behalf and making things happen.

  • You can't connect with resources and you can't see the answers until you take some time to empty your mind and connect back to the truth.

  • The truth is that you always get what you want. Time is an illusion and that things are 100 percent working out for you and that you know what is best for you.

  • Things rarely work out in the timeframe we hope for or in the way we think. So you're going to hold on to the essence of what you want, but you're going to stay open to how it works out and in the timeframe it gets to you.

    I'm going to repeat that because it's really important. You always get what you want, but we need to stay open to the timeframe in which is going to happen and the way it's going to happen because we can't even predict how that's going to happen.

    What if you don't trust yourself?

    Remember, nothing is a mistake. Any negative experience you've ever encountered is only leading you to bigger and greater things. You can't make a mistake. You're going to learn and it's something better is going to happen for you because of it. It's part of life.

    Speaker 2: (18:14)
    I had this very, very complex problem that came up that I needed to solve to get on with my life and I did what we all did. I turned it over and over in my brain and did all the things I need to do, but then the problem was still there and it wasn't solved and I was just more miserable. So I had to do this thing all over again. I had to take a dose of my own medicine. It's really easy to be the coach and tell people what to do, but if you're not doing it yourself, you know, shame on you. So I had to go back and say what would I do with my clients or what do I know to do right now? And so I had to give up. This just happened to me again. I had to be willing to give up to release, to let it go and open myself up again to greater truth and I didn't want to.

    What do I do? Show me the answer is show me the answers, and I kept getting in meditation or you can say prayer to. I kept saying, let it go, let it go, and that felt so frustrating to me at first, but I knew that was the answer and so I forced my brain to say, I've got to release this. I've got to let it go. I've got to chill out. I've got to calm down so I can get the answers, and it honestly took me even with all my skills about a month because I was so determined on this one, but guess what? It happened. It happened, and now as I almost completely loosened the grip of my own strong will, the answers are really starting to come. Not only my effective action steps to take, but why this has happened. It all started to make sense and what was really going on because it didn't look so good at first, so it sounds counterintuitive, but the first step to trusting yourself again is to open yourself up to the answers right and trusting that you are powerful enough to find the answers, but they're not in your brain right now.

    Speaker 2: (21:25)
    You have to open up for greater wisdom to get the answers right and and when you start receiving this kind of information, you're going to feel so loved and lovable, right? Okay. This also is the first step in managing your time in your life. Being willing to open up yourself to the truth about what's really going on, what's really going on, about what resources really are available to you about what is expected of you and what the outcome will be. Okay? Then after you've done all that work, you're going to have inspired action, affective action, right, and then you're going to feel so productive. You're not going to feel like you're spinning your wheels any more or just making things worse. You are going to feel loved and you will see the love and resources being offered to you. I promise. Now we're going to talk about taking inspired action and then I'm going to go into the practical steps for you.

    Speaker 2: (22:37)
    Action. When it feels inspired, so inspired action doesn't feel like a do or die proposition and it doesn't feel like the world will fall apart. If you don't do it. It feels inspired. It feels like clarity, like connected to something bigger like it is leading exactly to getting your true goals accomplished, and I want you to remember if it's feeling urgent, likely the real answers aren't what you think they're going to be, so what feels urgent about your life? When you to think about that, if it feels urgent, ask yourself this question. What is the truth here? Not an emotional reaction, not based on my old beliefs or my own past experiences are the limitations or my brain. What's really the truth here? If it feels urgent than a change of mindset is what's required first. I don't know. I would love to hear your thoughts on, on what you think about that action should feel good.

    Speaker 2: (23:47)
    Action should feel rewarding. I don't know if you've ever felt this way, like if you take an action, it's feeding your soul like you're on the right track. That's what it should feel like. It's a difference between feeling like someone's forcing you to do something and the feeling of cooperation and love and you know my facebook group is hustle of and I'm all about love because that's the best feeling in the world when we're cooperating in this state of really caring about each other. Now remind yourself, what's your mission? When it's just all about tasks, tasks, tasks. I want you to remind yourself what's your mission? So what is your mission? I want you to think about this. What are you really hoping to accomplish? So I'll just give you some examples of mine. Mine is to help humanity with the knowledge I've collected to help point others to how big and bright and beautiful they are.

    Speaker 2: (24:45)
    I love doing that and I want to have a big reach, right? I want to use media, social media, books and art so I can reach out to everyone I'm supposed to. Those are some of my missions professionally and in my personal life is to brought, to provide stability for my kids, a supportive community and the money to feed them and provide basic things like housing and clothes and the extras that feed their souls. And I want to allow them to blossom into who they are, right? And I want a lifestyle that allows me the freedom to spend time with them, like teaching them and loving them. I don't. I love working, but I want to be able to sit quietly with them and read them a book too. And I like connecting with other beautiful people in to learn. So these are just some of my missions and I want you to think about what your mission and you may have some of mine are none of them. Your mission is your mission. And if you can think about that, it's kind of a higher level thinking than all the task and it will govern your actions. I want you to think about who you are, really not just the overwhelming who are you, really, what's your destiny and what are you shaping each day, and I want you to remember this one too. Okay?

    Speaker 2: (26:14)
    This particular situation is actually leading you to something even better and if you have a minute to think about how that could be happening, it's not always easy, but it's a beautiful place to get in. Then you feel really empowered, okay? You may feel like there's a lot of examples, the job that you don't like or the kids that are asking you to do so much or an unhappy marriage, it may feel like it's taking you away from your goal or purpose. So get into the quiet place to understand how it's actually powerful. Lee leading you to the place you want to be in life because it is. This is like supreme master level. Reframing your thoughts here. All right. Now this is the part that you thought you were getting and this is like the practical hell to remember. The first thing is you have to get your head on straight and I gave you master level ways to do this, plus other other things, right?

    Speaker 2: (27:19)
    Like other, um, resources like my youtube, Tammy Green Youtube Channel, um, my Freebie worksheet on control, the future.tech forward slash time, or my retrain your brain class, which you can find at, um, control the future.tech, afford slash, retrain brain. I'm about ready to start a new one. So there's a lot of options. My podcast is another one, so lots of tools and my book where you can really learn the stuff if you really want to learn it. If you're just eager to be excellent at this stuff, how do you do it? What are the skills you need? What are the practical things? So once you're believing in your own goals and dreams, you can start with a big picture first, like I taught you your mission, and then you can work on the steps to get there. And I want you to remember that things are going to need to be adjusted along the way, but you are going to be able to adjust as you go.

    Speaker 2: (28:20)
    Now, I want you to think of both your short term and your long term goals. Short term are things you have to do, like you have to feed your kids. You have to complete tasks for your boss. You have to pay immediate bills, you've got short term things, but then you have longterm things like you want to lose weight, get in better shape, find a loving partner, or get a great job. So I want you to balance your calendar or your task lists with the short term things you have to do, but have lots of space for the longterm things too. I want you to work on both. So let's talk about those longterm things. These are the steps to get there. These are the practical, practical steps to reach your longterm goals. Number one, I want you, I want you to break down what is required to get there so you can use post it notes.

    Speaker 2: (29:15)
    Um, you can use a whiteboard. I like post it notes that you can rearrange them. You think, here's my end goal. I'm going to start here and what are all the steps to get there? Everything I need to do to get there and I have a whole. I have a whole video on this, on Youtube too. Then I want you to think about, and you're going to like this one. I want you to think what you can outsource, what you can get off your plate. I want you to eliminate the things you hate to do or things you shouldn't be doing because they aren't using your skillset wisely. Here's some. Here's some suggestions. I want you to use apps. They're great now to get stuff. I do so much more my business now because of apps. Then before when I had to hire people or you can hire people, you can growth hack and you can just delegate, right?

    Speaker 2: (30:08)
    One of the things, if you saw about my tiny house, I don't have maintenance anymore because of my tiny home and living in an apartment. Think about how to get stuff off your plate so you can accomplish what you really want to accomplish and then the third step is really easy. Get out your calendar and I took Franklin Covey time management many, many years ago when I worked for BMC software. It was great time management and what they taught me how to do and I still use it and I teach my clients this is you get out your calendar and you take those chunks of things you have to do everyday and you make a to do list for like. I do it for really like three months at a time because I usually have three month projects and the reason you do this is because when you open your to do list for the day, you only have the task for the first day instead of like an unlimited amount.

    Speaker 2: (30:57)
    You just have your task for the day. And Franklin Covey taught me like you prioritize them a, B and c two. You can do that too. So get them on your calendar and off your to do list and just focus on what you need to do. Today. And then you have to just feel really free and accomplished and clean and organized because you know, all I have to do is for that day. Now I'm gonna. Tell you some days you're going to get way more accomplished than than is on your list, but most days you're not. So because things come up, all kinds of things come up. I want you to put more on your to do list each day, no less on your to do list each day than you think you can accomplish. Less, like cut it in half so you don't get flustered that you don't do everything on your list when things come up.

    Speaker 2: (31:51)
    And then if you don't get everything accomplished that's on your to do list at the end of that day, you just put it on another day and you feel like you've done your best for that day. So those are my top, top tips for getting more done in less time. If you want to coach with me, email us at team, at control, the future.tech and where we will fast forward you on this. Okay? I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll see a next week. Now that school's over, we're going to have a lot more, a lot more content to bring to you. Okay. See you later. Cheers. [inaudible]. Let's see if I can in this. Whoops. I'm on my son's computer. Okay, there you go.